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ILCA U21 European Championship


After a long wait due to the pandemic mainly, Marilena Makri, possibly one of the most prominent talents in ILCA 6, gets on the top of the podium with a Gold Metal, at the ILCA 6 U21 European Championship, as well as the Open European Trophy that finished today at Lustica Bay, Tivat, MONTENEGRO.

Marilena put on an unbelievable, consistent performance finishing in the top 5 in all 9 races that got completed, including 2 bullets. With excellent work of the entire team, especially her coach Haris Tsolis, the sailCY top sailor prove to be at the top of her performance, just right before the Olympic Games, in Tokyo 2021.  It is a long waited, well deserved pay-off for Marilena whose hard work finally put her where she belongs.

Team-mate Sotiris Miltiadous at his first appearance at ILCA 7 U21 European Championship, put also an excellent performance, getting into the Gold Fleet and finishing 38th Overall, but 9th in U19. Sotiris, another very promising young sailor of Famagusta Nautical Club and member of the salCY Team has all the potentials for a future place on the podium of the Class.




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Optimist European Championship 2020

The European Optimist Championship in Portoroz, Slovenia ended prematurely, due to Covid 19.
Only 7 races were completed under very light wind.
The National Team of Cyprus, coached by Mr. Antonis Drossopoulos, coach of the Famagusta Nautical Club and the sailCY program (team of talented athletes) of the Club, made history by achieving the best results for Cyprus, in a European Optimist Championship.
The Cyprus Girl Champion, of Famagusta N.C. and member of sailCY, Andriani Georgiou managed to compete in the Gold Fleet and finished 10th in the Girls Overall standings and 11th in the girls open overall, by making an excellent appearance and finishing 2nd, 24th, 5th, 26th, 8th, 7th and 3rd, in 7 races with 49 total points among 113 athletes.
The Boy Champion of Cyprus, Emilios Poeros of Famagusta N.C. and a member of sailCY, also made a very good appearance,  ending with the 52nd place in the Boys overall standings, among 156 entries and the 55th place in the open boys overall.  Emilios also took 3rd place in the Silver Boys fleet.
The new member of Famagusta N.C. and the sailCY program, Stefanos Andreou, also managed to participate in the Silver Fleet, taking the 90th place in the Boys Overall, the 93rd place in the Boys open overall and the 40th in the Silver Fleet.
Feodor Zoubovski, also a member of the National Team, participated in the Golden Fleet of boys and took the 21st place in the Boys overall standings and 22nd place in the open boys overall.

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Domination at its Best

2020 Cyprus National Championship – Laser 4.7

After almost a year of its creation and the 23 out of 33 metals at the recent 2020 Cyprus National Optimist and Laser Radial Championships, yet another domination at the National Championship of Laser 4.7 with 9 out of 12 metals. Hard Quality work by coaches and athletes, excellent communication from all sides – board members, coaches, athletes, parents – and commitment to the plan for high level sailing, sailCY, by Famagusta Nautical Club proves that is here to stay and dominate sailing in Cyprus.
Newly transfer, Haris Nicolaou became the new 2020 Laser 4.7 Champion after a nail-biting last race and just 50m from finish where he managed to steal the honours from Optimist and new 2020 Laser 4.7 U16 Champion Emilios Boeros who gave his first shot in Lasers 4.7.  Maria Christina Michael won the both Girls titles (U16 & U18) having newcomer Andriani Georgiou, the Optimist Girl Champion for 2020, finishing a close 2nd.
Excellent Performance by everyone, especially Coach Harris Tsolis who worked hard the past few weeks with all the Optimist sailors, as well as the sailCY Team and the FNC Racing Team.

The Results shows the domination:
Laser 4.7 – Boys U16
Emilios Boeros 1st (sailCY – FNC)
Giorgos Michael 2nd (sailCY – FNC)
Giorgos Sailos 8th (FNC Racing Team)

Laser 4.7 – Girls U16
Maria Christina Michael 1st (FNC Racing Team)
Andriani Georgiou 2nd (sailCY – FNC)
Andrea Papazoglou 4th (FNC Racing Team)

Laser 4.7 – Boys U18
Haris Nicolaou 1st (sailCY – FNC)
Emilios Boeros 2nd (sailCY – FNC)
Sotiris Miltiadous 3rd (sailCY – FNC)
Giorgos Michael 4th (sailCY – FNC)
Giorgos Sailos 15th (FNC Racing Team)

Laser 4.7 – Girls U18
Maria Christina Michael 1st (FNC Racing Team)
Andriani Georgiou 2nd (sailCY – FNC)
Andri Papastavrou 4th (sailCY – FNC)
Andrea Papazoglou 6th (FNC Racing Team)

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It seems that innovations attract attention as one of the most innovative sailing teams in Cyprus, sailCY of Famagusta Nautical Clubhas caught the attention of Krypto “the sponsor”.

Part of its CSR program the sponsor invests into alternative sports for the development of extraordinary athletes within their teams.  The funds invested will go towards new gear, better conditions during competition and a more aggressive training program.  sailCY is deeply thankful for the commitment of Krypto and proud to have probably the leading Safety & Security Company in Cyprus, part of the most innovative program in sailing.

Cyprus offers great potentials for Sailors that want to compete at the highest level, in categories, such as Optimist, Lasers, Windsurfing and even Offshore Sailing.  As a Country, it’s becoming a hub for great ideas, great trainers and of course an incubator of great athletes.

Stelios Charalambous, co-founder of SailCY and the Famagusta Nautical Club stated the following, “We are thankful to Krypto Securityfor recognizing and supportingour efforts in putting together the most ambitious, but organized plan for talented sailors in Cyprus and around the globe, and we are honored to have them partners in our efforts of supporting an open international team in sailing.”

Both Krypto and sailCY are looking forward towards an amazing year with many more development years to come.

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Great sailCY Weekend at the National Ranking

Another Great Weekend for Famagusta Nautical Club and sailCY, at the National Ranking List of Laser Radial and Optimist that took place in Larnaca between October 19th and 20th.  More specifically, athletes of sailCY won almost every category and the Club having a very strong presentation:

sailCY Laser Radial:
Marilena Makri won the Laser Radial Overall and Women Categories
Sotiris Multiadous finished 3rd Overall and 2nd in Men Category

sailCY Optimist:
Emilios Max Boeros won the Optimist Overall and Boys Categories
Andriani Georgiou won the Optimist Girls and finished 5th Overall

FNC Laser Radial:
Maria Christina Michael finished 3rd in Women Category and 16th Overall

FNC Optimist:
Giorgos Michael finished 2nd Overall and 2nd in Boys Category
Demetris Gregoriou finished 7th Overall and 6th in Boys Category
Andrea Papazoglou finished 17th Overall and 5th in Girls category
Maria Ellina finished 20th Overall and 6th in Girls category
Giorgos Konnaris finished 22th Overall and 16th in Boys category
Giorgos Shiailos finished 31st Overall and 22nd in Boys category
Gabriella Argyrou finished 35th Overall and 11th in Girls category

Congratulations to All Participants for their efforts & a Job Well Done to Coaches and the new Director of the Department Mr. Simos Boeros.

Great Job, as well to the entire Officiating Team (RO, Jury and Organizing Committee) and the Nautical Club of Larnaca.


Read More » is opening up its doors to talented athletes in Cyprus and around the World.

A successful program run by Famagusta Nautical Club the past 2 years, in Laser 4.7, Radial and Standard with Coach Harris Tsolis is now ready to expand into the Optimist class as well, by adding to the Team Coach Antonis Drosopoulos, invite and welcome top athletes in Cyprus, as well as from around the World and create an International Team of Top Sailors in the categories of Laser and Optimist that can train together and compete abroad as a team.

Our Club Coach Harris Tsolis (laser categories) and Antonis Drosopoulos, a well know and successful international Optimist coach are teaming up with Trainer Nicos Nicolaides, Nutritionist Chris Constantinou and Club Optimist Coach Rafael Michaelides and have already set the schedule for the remaining of 2019 and the 2020 season, aiming for the best for our existing athletes, including Marilena Makri, Sotiris Miltiadous, Karolin Harm, Roko Mohr, Mic Mohr and Bo Berthold.

The requirements are set in order to enter, we are looking for sailors in the top 5 of their National Ranking List and/or top 40 in Europeans or World Championships.  Structure, fees, organization and every other detail are also set and are available upon request.

Privileges are provided to all Famagusta Nautical Club athletes, although everyone is invited to join the team, in a successful run of talented athletes with just a single objective:  Sail Over the Top and be part of the Sailing Elite Community.


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Do you want to join us ? is a concept created by Famagusta Nautical Club, in its effort to create a new training center in Eastern Mediterranean with Elite sailors from around the world. The Club, with a two year plan managed to renovate its sailing facilities and it is now ready for use, as a Sailing facility in the Region.

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