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From the blog is opening up its doors to talented athletes in Cyprus and around the World.

A successful program run by Famagusta Nautical Club the past 2 years, in Laser 4.7, Radial and Standard with Coach Harris Tsolis is now ready to expand into the Optimist class as well, by adding to the Team Coach Antonis Drosopoulos, invite and welcome top athletes in Cyprus, as well as from around the World and create an International Team of Top Sailors in the categories of Laser and Optimist that can train together and compete abroad as a team.

Our Club Coach Harris Tsolis (laser categories) and Antonis Drosopoulos, a well know and successful international Optimist coach are teaming up with Trainer Nicos Nicolaides, Nutritionist Chris Constantinou and Club Optimist Coach Rafael Michaelides and have already set the schedule for the remaining of 2019 and the 2020 season, aiming for the best for our existing athletes, including Marilena Makri, Sotiris Miltiadous, Karolin Harm, Roko Mohr, Mic Mohr and Bo Berthold.

The requirements are set in order to enter, we are looking for sailors in the top 5 of their National Ranking List and/or top 40 in Europeans or World Championships.  Structure, fees, organization and every other detail are also set and are available upon request.

Privileges are provided to all Famagusta Nautical Club athletes, although everyone is invited to join the team, in a successful run of talented athletes with just a single objective:  Sail Over the Top and be part of the Sailing Elite Community.


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Do you want to join us ? is a concept created by Famagusta Nautical Club, in its effort to create a new training center in Eastern Mediterranean with Elite sailors from around the world. The Club, with a two year plan managed to renovate its sailing facilities and it is now ready for use, as a Sailing facility in the Region.

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